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"Fuel Your Best" Sample Pack


Our "Fuel Your Best" Sample Pack is the perfect way to try 6 of our Keto products and flavors before picking up the full-sized items. 

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Included in This Bundle Are Samples of:

  • Chocolate KetoMeal™
  • Vanilla KetoMeal™
  • Apple-Pear BHB
  • Orange-Mango BHB
  • Macadamia Pecan FBOMB
  • Macadamia with Sea Salt FBOMB

Have a KetoMeal™ shake for breakfast

  • Fuel your brain and muscles while increasing Ketone levels.
  • Take in between meals to kill cravings and energy crashes.
  • Decrease and normalize blood glucose, while increasing muscle protein synthesis.

Drink a BHB in the afternoon (or as a post workout drink)

  • Decrease appetite and help to promote weight loss.
  • Blend smoothly with water or enjoy in your morning coffee or smoothie.
  • Boosts metabolism and helps you feel fuller longer.

Drop an FBOMB when you need a satiating fat-fueled snack

  • Portable pouches packed full of all-natural nut butters making the perfect on-the-go snack!
  • Help you stay energized and satiated with a convenient source of low-carb fuel.
  • Enjoy FBOMB nut butters straight from the pouch

Our most popular KetoLogic® recipes

  • Keto Shopping List – all the keto-friendly must-haves to stock in your fridge and pantry
  • Breakfast – delicious meals and fat-fueled smoothies to help you jumpstart your day
  • Lunch – quick and easy dishes to enjoy at home or at the office
  • Dinner – savory and satiating meals the entire family will enjoy, whether or not they’re keto
  • Sides & Appetizers – mouthwatering complements to dinner, and great for potlucks, parties, and gatherings where you’ll likely face carb-heavy foodsDesserts – sweet and scrumptious ways to indulge your sweet tooth without the guilt
  • Snacks – perfect when you’re in the mood for a low-carb nibble
  • Beverages – tasty options when plain water just doesn’t cut it


We highly value all of our customers opinions, so your satisfaction is our absolute focus! Our mission is to educate people on the benefits of living a ketogenic lifestyle, and to provide products, tools, and resources that sustain the keto way of eating.

Fuel Your Best Now!

Roxanne Williams

Satisfied Customer

"This was great in helping me decide if this was the route I wanted to go. The sample pack let's you "try it b4 you buy it ". Of course, I immediately bought the full 60 day package shortly there after."

Kasey R.

Satisfied Customer

Awesome! I really enjoyed all of the samples in the sample pack. The mango BHB I liked more so than the apple pear flavor. Both shake flavors were delicious. I actually felt satisfied after drinking a Ketologic shake for my lunch. The Ketologic shake kept me satisfied for at least 4 hours. The fat bomb flavors were both delicious. Definitely recommend doing sample pack to try first!

Trent J.

Satisfied Customer

All good so far The fuel pack was great! Nothing in it I didn't like. Since then I have purchased the vanilla and strawberry meal replacement and both are great but I love the strawberry. The orange mango BHB is great as well!